Friday, March 25, 2011

I say, Bring Back the Arts!!

© 2011 Frederick Doot

Americans, you disappoint me..Charlie Sheen lands millions of followers via twitter in a couple days, Chris Brown album sales skyrocket after his recent tantrum (after being questioned about his temper, go figure!), the abomination that is the Jersey Shore remains enormously popular, and trainwreck entertainers fill the news - who, in their defense, report what will score them ratings (Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, etc..the list goes on..)

We've become a nation of enablers. The popular entertainers, ones we seem to follow and support most, are simply not good people.

What ever happened to supporting the arts? While we cut library funding (at least in NJ), throw teachers under the bus and try to cut their "exuberant" salaries (on a national level), and threaten to cut NPR and PBS funding (which embrace, highlight and encourage educational programs and higher arts), we, as a nation, continue to stay fans (truly fanatics) of the crap we continually see atop the NYT Best Sellers List, Billboard Top whatever.., Neilsen Ratings, and Box Office earnings..and that's where the money rolls..

I say, Bring Back the Arts!!

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